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DX.Exchange is the first complete crypto community that allows institutions and individuals to purchase cryptocurrencies with fiat, trade cryptocurrencies, and convert crypto back to fiat. DX.Exchange is being built on Nasdaq’s market leading matching technology.

DX.Exchange holds operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit: License Numbers FVR000051 and FRK000039. DX.Exchange is committed to providing a transparent and ethical exchange between interested parties. Your funds and personal data are protected with the most advanced encryption software, as well as the most vigorous cyber security solutions available today.

With over 70 R&D engineers, the global team at DX.Exchange brings extensive experience in UI and financial technology.

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Your personal data is fully encrypted, and your funds are stored in your personal e-wallet. While trading with DX.Exchange, you can rest assured that the software is robust as possible in terms of virus and malware detection, intrusion-detection systems, and other most advanced systems against hackers, phishing, and malware.


DX.Exchange is being built on Nasdaq’s market leading matching technology, which is used by 70+ marketplaces around the world. With Nasdaq’s proven technology platform, members can benefit from low latency, enhanced performance and high throughput, even during the highest volume times. With security at the forefront, the platform is bulletproof in terms of interference and intrusion. Offering a full suite of safety and security mechanisms to protect clients deposits (FIAT and crypto currency), as well as their personal information, the DX.Exchange platform ensures the ultimate protection.

With a state-of-the-art user interface, the platform is unrivalled in terms of design and functionality. The main elements behind DX.Exchange’s optimization of the user experience is in transparency and fairness, as well as reliability and smooth flow of the platform. The rates are always verifiable, and what the trader sees is exactly what they get.


You have the choice of depositing both FIAT and Cryptocurrencies into your account.

Coins Marketplace Technologies OÜ holds two operating licenses with the Estonian Financial Intelligence Unit. License Number FVR000051 is for providing services to exchange virtual currencies against fiat currencies, and License Number FRK000039 is for providing a virtual currency wallet service.

Algo Trading

DX.Exchange’s Algotrader allows for API trading at an expert level. You can rely on DX.Exchange’s highly available API for the most robust and secure algo trading experience. Providing the most accurate cryptocurrency market data, you can perfectly format your strategies in the charting suite that suits you best.


Daniel Skowronski

Co-Founder & CEO

Raz Kaplan


Amedeo Moscato

Chief Operating Officer

Yoni Shemesh

Non-Executive Director

Executive Vice President Deputy CEO and Chief information Officer at the Tel-Aviv stock exchange

Yatir Sadot


Alex Gurevich

Director of R&D

Avi Kochva


Ex Vice President and Chief Innovation Officer of Bank Hapoalim

Sharon Michelson


Itai Shavit

Head of Product Development

Hagay Elyakim

Chief Payments Innovation

Daniel Mauro

Chief Blockchain Engineer

Ibrahim Kader

Head of Trading

Ryuji Shimizu

Asia Pacific Director

Miri Mileikowsky

Legal Advisor

Yaniv Kalif

Compliance Officer

Katya Lisovoy

Customer Support Manager

Riccardo Greco

Social Media Manager

Eli Zilberg



DX.Exchange's platform can be easily integrated with Market Makers, Liquidity Providers, Hedgefunds, and Banks. With API, the DX.Exchange platform is completely secure, professional and suitable for institutional purposes. For more information, contact us.

Buy & Sell

If you are interested in buying and selling cryptocurrencies (instead of trading them on our exchange), then you can easily do so through our regulated sister company, Coins.Exchange. There are 3 simple steps to start buying/selling or exchanging Cryptocurrencies on DX.Exchange's regulated crypto platform.

Listing Services

If you are planning an Initial Coin Offering, or have even started your ICO agenda, DX.Exchange can offer you professional services to support your success.

1. Use our regulated Digital Wallet Widget for accepting:
FIAT to Crypto
Crypto to Crypto
Crypto to FIAT

2. List your coin on our exchange.
DX.Exchange offers today's leading cryptocurrencies, and this is your place to show the world what you got and to make your coin available to the public, in a secure and regulated environment.

3. KYC and AML
Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance is a mandatory due diligence that all companies who are active in financial sectors must perform. It is required for identity verification, and the prevention of fraud, money laundering, and terrorist or other illegal financing.