How it Works

You can exchange cryptocurrencies with no trading fees (a membership charge of only 10 EURO valued in DXCash Tokens per month) on our peer-to-peer, regulated marketplace. Our exchange is built on leading market technology, where members will benefit from low latency, enhanced performance, even during times of high volume.

There are 3 simple steps to start exchanging Cryptocurrencies on DX.Exchange's regulated crypto platform.

1. Create and Verify Account
DX.Exchange's regulation requires that we have some basic information regarding our customers, to make sure they are qualified for crypto services. The process is quick and simple, and upon completion, you're ready to go!

2. Deposit Funds
You are now ready to deposit FIAT or Crypto to your account, and to join the exciting world of the crypto revolution. You just need to confirm your wallet address, and then choose your preferred method of depositing funds: credit card, or wire transfer.

3. Start trading!